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100% hand-made in Galicia products Flavour and tradition

Hands with tradition

Panificadora Mencer was born in April 2014 as a result of the merger of two projects; a social function of inclusion of people with physical and mental disabilities into the working world and the making of a 100% Galician product which is manually produced and new in flavours with new recipes added.

Our bakehouse is a special employment centre whose current staff consists of more than thirty workers, of whom more than 95% are disabled including its founding partners. We are a group with wide experience in the manual production of baking and confectionery products. The making of our product is manual 100% and with high quality ingredients that give a greater value to the final product.

We have a rigorous quality system, both in the raw material used in the making of the product, as well as in its production system until the final product is ready at the customers disposal so they can enjoy an original Galician and traditional taste.

The company counts with a R&D&I team that offers the possibility of developing products according to each customer specifications.

We have three types of dough: a bread dough, a typical Galician shortbread dough and finally a flaky dough for cheese products and vegetable ratatouille.

The product is made in a variety of flavours from the more traditional such as Tuna, Cod, Beef, Chicken, ... to more innovative flavours for the palate as Mussels with Chorizo, Zamburiñas (Galician Scallops) with Prawns, Spinachs with Cheese, ...

We have a confectionery workshop where, in addition to other desserts, our star product is made: the “Tarta de Santiago” with a protected geographical indication.